Catching Up

My last blog post was a bit depressing, and this past year has been wild, to say the least. But it hasn’t all been doom and gloom Advertisements

On women and Trump

This post is not about Trump’s well-known proclivities for committing sexual assault on women. Those stories are important, and it is beyond tragic that half the nation decided that repeated allegations of sexual assault is not enough of a disqualifying factor from the presidency.

Birthday 2016

My parents and I have a tradition that goes back so long that we can’t remember when it started. Every year, we see the Christmas lights in NYC. Every year, without fail. And every year, it’s magical.

Thanksgiving 2016

2016 has been a rough year — can we all agree on that? Between the passing of David Bowie and Alan Rickman and Prince and Gwen Ifill, to the catastrophic presidential election (that appears to never end), to my opening the year with shingles…2016 was just awful. But thank goodness for Thanksgiving. I don’t think we’ve … More Thanksgiving 2016

NYC Yakitori

Earlier this week, I decided to get “adventurous” within the confines of Japanese cuisine. I typically stick to sushi and fish, but there’s a whole other world of Japanese food out there. Such as yakitori. What better place to give it a try than Torishin, with its various rave reviews.

Unexpected Meals

I’m a homebody, and I like planning. The result of those two traits is that my typical outings are for food with close friends, and they are usually planned a week in advance. (My best friend from college and I once planned our Valentine’s/Galentine’s dinner…in October.) But sometimes, you get a few delicious curveballs thrown your … More Unexpected Meals